Dykstra's Registered Texel Sheep: Rams

"Bronco" in Photo below.

The photos to the right is our ram named"Idaho" aka "Fisher 114". These photos were taken in June 2018 when he was 4 months old. Idaho produced outstanding lambs. Please check our "For Sale page" next spring for lambs from both Idaho and Bronco. Video below is Idaho as a yearling.

Introducing "Bronco" aka Fisher S82, purchased June 2019 from Fishers Texels in Idaho. Bronco's father was a Grand Champion in 2015, at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, MO. Photo left is Bronco at 3 months old and not yet sheared. The two photos below was Bronco at 4 months old and sheared.

In the photo below is our other ram "Idaho" aka Fisher R114 that was taken when he was 4 months old.

"Idaho" aka Fisher R114 in 2018

"Idaho" aka Fisher R114 in 2018

This video is of Idaho was taken July 2019

Idaho at age 4 months. This photo was taken in 2018.