Dykstra's Registered Texel Sheep: Rams

"Bronco" in Photo below.

The photos to the right is our ram named"Idaho" aka "Fisher 114". These photos were taken in June 2018 when he was 4 months old. Idaho has produced outstanding lambs for us and our customers. Please check our "For Sale page" this spring for lambs from both Idaho and Bronco. Video below is Idaho as a yearling.

Introducing "Bronco" aka Fisher S82, purchased June 2019 from Fishers Texels in Idaho. Bronco's father was a Grand Champion in 2015, at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, MO. Photo left is Bronco at 3 months old and not yet sheared. The two photos below was Bronco at 4 months old and sheared.

In the photo below is our other ram "Idaho" aka Fisher R114 that was taken when he was 4 months old.

"Idaho" aka Fisher R114 in 2018

"Idaho" aka Fisher R114 in 2018

This video is of Idaho was taken July 2019

Idaho at age 4 months. This photo was taken in 2018.